Paul Grosso: Personal Injury Specialist

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Paul Grosso, Esq.

Paul Grosso

Paul Grosso

“A real trial lawyer, not a lawyer who claims to be.”

Paul Grosso is a Certified Civil Trial Lawyer and has received the prestigious awards of Super Lawyer and an AV Rating in Martindale-Hubbell.  He was Certified in 2004 (5 year term), Re-Certified in 2009 (5 year term, and again Re-Certified in 2014 (5 year term).

Paul’s passion for helping his clients means you receive extremely effective representation with individual attention. Paul and his legal team work aggressively to recover the highest amount for you as quickly as possible.

He has recovered more than forty million ($40,000,000.00) dollars for his clients.

Paul has over 30 years of legal experience since graduating from Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law in Washington D.C. and has been licensed since 1985. Unlike many other attorneys with his credentials and track record, Paul and his staff are completely accessible and promptly return phone calls; it’s part of his commitment and compassion for you.

Mr. Grosso truly believes that working towards a full and balanced life is an important part of being the best possible lawyer (both advocate and counsel) for his clients.dsc_0728

Additional information:

  • Former member of the NJ Board of Governors of the Trial Lawyers Association; New Jersey Association of Justice (NJAJ);
  • Has been a statewide lecturer to other lawyers on trial, litigation and law practice;
  • Publication in legal journal;
  • Involved in precedent-setting cases;
  • Law Clerk to the Honorable Arthur Minuskin J.S.C;
  • Intern at the United States Senate.

Paul is blissfully married to Adriana Cifuentes.  She administrates the law office and brings an organized character and team spirit to the firm.

Paul is the proud dad of four young adults: Amanda, Nicolas, Daniel and Melanie, all who are pursuing careers of their choice and are working hard on college degrees or have already earned them.

He is an avid history and literature buff, loves to play tennis on a regular basis and is currently participating in a mixed doubles USTA league.  Paul believes that being physically fit helps with a balanced life.  His unusual (and sometimes excessive) love of splitting wood on a regular basis throughout the year ensures this.

Paul enjoys keeping fish and is especially proud of his Japanese Koi (living jewels); some which he raised from babies and are now oven ten (10) years old and three (3) feet long!