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Enforcement of Property and Support Settlement Agreements

Enforcement of Property and Support Settlement Agreements

It is often useful to reach a settlement agreement with your spouse prior to a court trial on any aspect of divorce, such as property division, equitable distribution, child custody or visitation.

However, difficulties can arise if the ex-spouse fails to adhere to their obligations under the agreement.

Common examples of ex-spouse’s failures to adhere to Settlement Agreements include;

  • Failure to pay child support; and
  • Failure to pay alimony.

We have extensive experience handling the enforcement of Settlement Agreements:

How we can help you

We will review and explain the terms of the settlement agreement and advise you on your legal position and what action can be taken to ensure that the agreement can be enforced.

In many cases, ex-spouses feel as though they can avoid their legal obligations by simply refusing to comply with the terms of an agreement. This is simply not the case. We have extensive experience aggressively enforcing these agreements and in representing the interests of our clients.
If you find that your settlement agreement is not being followed, you should contact us immediately on 201 475 9600!