Paul Grosso: Personal Injury Specialist

Adriana Cifuentes, B.A., M.A.

Law Firm Administrator

Adriana Cifuentes

Adriana attended Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia, South America where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages.  After teaching for 5 years, she moved to the United States.  During the transitional time she earned a Master’s degree in Technology in Education from New Jersey City University which helped her advance her career to become the Spanish teacher in the Elmwood Park School District in New Jersey.

While working as a teacher, she traveled to Salamanca, Spain to pursue a Master’s in “Spanish Language and Culture”; she spent two summers with Spanish teachers from the United States and Canada learning about the Spaniard way of living to share it with her students.  Unfortunately, due to a Board of Education “Reduction in Force”, Adriana was released from the Elmwood Park school district after nine years of dedicated work. dsc_0747

Adriana joined the Law Office of Paul Grosso in the summer of 2012 as a volunteer and, later, decided to work as a full time employee.  She is in charge of all the administrative duties of the firm, such as analyzing and preparing all the financial reports, profit and losses, pensions, payroll, human resources, as well as many other matters.

Adriana is happily married to Paul Grosso and enjoys his camaraderie in their team work.  She is proud of her son Daniel who is studying to be an actor at Ramapo College and her three step-children, Melanie at San Diego University, Nicolas at Emerson College and Amanda who lives in Hawaii and works as a teacher.

Playing tennis and watching the Grand Slams is one of Adriana’s passion.  She is a member of the USTA (United States Tennis Association) since 2010 and plays singles and mixed doubles on a regular basis.  Last summer she was part of a ladies team who classified to the Regionals and then, the Sectionals; it was a lot of fun.  She loves traveling, photography, and gardening.