Paul Grosso: Personal Injury Specialist

Recent Cases


This firm represented a warehouse worker who was injured when a package thrown by a delivery service struck him in the back. Our client was seriously injured, requiring a lumbar fusion. In litigation, the insurance carrier argued that our client had extensive pre-existing back injuries. The case eventually settled and the client was very happy.


 This firm represented a college student who was seriously injured by a pizza delivery driver, suffering disfiguring facial scars. The insurance carrier argued that our client contributed to the accident by failing to observe oncoming traffic. The case settled and our client was extremely thankful. 


Our client was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident when he was struck head-on by a drunk driver who crossed over a double yellow line. The police initially charged our client with DWI. However, through careful examination of field sobriety tests and blood tests taken by the police, our firm was able to get the DWI charge against our client dismissed. After obtaining dismissal of our clients DWI charge, our firm settled his civil case for the maximum policy limits.